S.P.I.K.E. Training

When 9*1*1 is busy, don’t worry! With SPIKE you will know exactly what to do! Through a series of video training seminars, you will receive the equivalent of 3 1/2 years of intense mobile training. With thousands of SPIKE students throughout the nation, Bo Gritz, America’s Most Decorated Green Beret Commander brings his Special Forces training to your home in digital form. With such professional instructors as David Scott Weekly, Ph. D., navy Seal, Gary Goldman, Army Ranger, Jim Gritz, Airborne Ranger and Special Forces instructor, and Charlie McCowan, 30 times National and International Pistol Champion and Olympian. These videos will give you the same instruction that Special Operations Command elite troops receive. There are twelve (12) phases of video instruction. Each phase of instruction contains (7-8 hours) of exciting, one-on-one training with Bo and his SPIKE team.