James “Bo” Gritz was born 18 Jan 39 in Enid, Oklahoma, and raised by his maternal grandparents. His dad, Pilot-Lieutenant Roy L. was killed in World War II. Bo was born to be a warrior and was in uniform through Cub, Boy, Explorer Scouts, Cadets, and into camouflage as an Army Paratrooper, Ranger, and Green Beret. Bo spent 22-years in the military rising through the enlisted and officer ranks. He served as a Green Beret commander in Southeast Asia from 1964-69. General William Westmoreland featured Bo as “The” American Soldier in his memoirs, A SOLDIER REPORTS. Bo was the Intelligence Officer and Reconnaissance Chief for Delta Force, commanded the first guerrilla forces which expanded into a Mobile Strike Command of 3,000 mercenary and free-world special operations forces. He was decorated 62 times for valor, including the Conspicuous Service Cross, the Combat Infantry Badge, 5 Silver Stars, 2 Legion of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Soldier’s Medal, 10 Bronze Stars “V,” the Purple Heart, Air Medals for Valor, Army Commendation Medals for Valor, Crosses of Gallantry with Palm, VN Medal of Honor, 2 Gold Medals of Cambodia, 2 Presidential Citations, etc. Bo is a Master Parachutist, Military Scuba and Salvage Diver. Upon return from Vietnam, Bo entered the Ministry and has served God as an Eternal Warrior since. The military further groomed him to be the first military attaché in China (1969-70) and he remains fluent in Chinese Mandarin. He also was school trained in African Swahili. Bo was assigned to the Pentagon General Staff as Chief of Special Activities (1972-73). He was selected to command Special Forces in Latin America (1975-77), and returned to the Pentagon as a Chief of Congressional Relations for the Secretary of Defense (1977-79).


Bo has a Batchelor of Science from the University of Nebraska in Law & Corrections, a Master of Military Science (1971), Master of Arts in Communications from the American University (1974). Bo is a certified Hypnotherapist; has a Nevada Teaching Certificate; is accredited as a 6th Degree Blackbelt and the Chief Instructor for the American Council on Karate Instruction. He is an active FAA Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot. Bo was asked by the Defense Intelligence Agency to go in search of U.S. POWs in October 1978 and became a Principal Agent for the NSC’s Intelligence Support Activity. Bo has worked undercover as an Engineer for Hughes Aircraft Company (1979-80). He entered Burma’s infamous Golden Triangle at the request of the White House and returned with the identity of high level Executive Branch officials involved in illegal drug trafficking (1986).


Bo wrote the book, CALLED TO SERVE after being acquitted of federal charges when President George Bush ordered U.S. Attorney William Maddox in 1989 to “Get Bo Gritz!” The book and video (NATION BETRAYED) are available through CFA. Bo has trained Afghan Freedom Fighters (1986); been an Advisor in Saudi Arabia, and conducted special operations in Africa. Bo intervened to end the federal sieges at Ruby Ridge, Idaho (Randy Weaver) in 1992 and the Montana Freemen. He organized Task Force Cross to aid Eric Rudolph in 1998. He has been invited to testify before Congress on five occasions and has been featured in numerous books, articles, and film documentaries on special operations forces.


Bo organized the Center for Action in 1989 to bring accountability and responsibility to government. In 1992, he was the America First Coalition candidate for President of the United States. Bo initiated his SPIKE (Specially Prepared Individuals for Key Events) Training program in January 1993 with the purpose of qualifying American citizens in Special Forces Skills. The 12-phases are again available on this site. Besides SPIKE, Bo has conducted several special courses in Airborne, Underwater Operations, Weapons, War Fighting, Intelligence & Operations, Combat Medicine, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal.


Bo has another book, My Brother’s Keeper, detailing his personal involvements in saving oppressed Americans. Bo made a call for Americans with a desire to serve God to join him as members of the FEW. Bo hosts a radio talkshow, FREEDOM CALL, on AVRN. Bo lives on an airstrip 50-miles southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. Bo’s e-mail is bogritz@msn.com.